What We Do

The activities of the Irish MPS Society are mainly aimed at providing a support network for those affected by Mucopolysaccharide and related diseases.

Through meeting and participation in local, national and international forums, the society aims to raise much-needed funding into the research of treatment for those suffering from the MPS diseases, and also raise public awareness to the existence of these rare genetic syndromes. Many people’s first knowledge that MPS syndromes exist is when a child or relative is diagnosed with the condition. Our society hopes to change that, while also providing those people with a support network.

On the broader front, we strive to ensure that those affected are recognised for their abilities, not their disabilities. Although society is becoming more tolerant of people who are different, a lot of work has still to be done in reminding people that although we may be different, we do not want to be treated differently.

Our activities include:

  • Family Days & Weekends
  • Clinics & Research Updates
  • Public Awareness Campaign
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Representation at International Conferences

Our primary fundraising activity each year is the sale of MPS Christmas Cards, and we are extremely grateful to those who have supported us in the past. We are also extremely grateful to those who have organised fundraising and awareness activities and participated in events such as the Dublin City Marathon to help our society.